Friday, 2 November 2012

Colonial enough for you??

So what about this new Aliens game called Aliens: Colonial Marine coming out in February 2013 (allegedly because the date has been postponed several times prior) and no, of course when I say Aliens, I mean the Xenomorph type! Anyway, a lot of you out there may either not be familiar with the Alien franchise or might just not care but believe me, this is a game to look forward to and here is some reasons why...
  • The multiplayer aspect of it introduces new games playable together. 
  • That's not the only thing introduced, you face off against a lethal 'Crusher/Charger' Xenomorph who is immune to standard gunfire and charges with great speed and strength.
  • A different game engine means graphics have improved since AVP in 2010.
  • A carefully written storyline pratically pulls you into the action by giving you a huge connection with your fellow comrades. 
If you wanna catch a glimpse of proper but not-final product gameplay, check out this link:

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