Thursday, 4 October 2012


How do you prepare for a speech, not even a long one just about thirty secounds? It sounds easy but it really is'nt, I have to describe my experience at the Camping trip I went on (I already described some of what happened on one of my previous blogposts-Camping) but I must at no point mention anything negative that happened because I am the one that is recommending going camping, I must not say how cold it was, and how the... Actually, I'd rather not go there. (I mean not speak about the negatives to my fellow blog watchers (yes, thats what I call you) and just talk about the speech itself) I'll be doing it tommorow [05/10/2012]

Here is what I made up so far:

''From the start of BLANK I got to go camping to a place called BLANK it was non-stop fun and there was always something exciting constantly going on, there was Rock Climbing, Bunji Jumping and Crawling through deep dark tunnels. It was a great experience and I'd definently recommend it to your BLANK...''

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