Monday, 15 October 2012

Google of a Birthday

Its my Birthday today! It was great, I was given certain privilages for things during the day like... Hold on, the real highlight of the day was getting a personal wishing of a happy birthday from Google, thats right GOOGLE but then again I'd expect every person with an account would recieve the same thing but hey, its not every day you get wished happy birthday let alone from a search engine!

Here are some of the other things I got:
The full Family Guy Season 11-3 disc DVD (which includes my favourite episode)
Dynamic Stereo headphones (which I've been after for a very long time)
A minature football goal, practice makes perfect :D
A special Me to You bar of chocolate (which I cannot wait to digest)
I still have one which is yet to come-if it does (I'm sure I won't be disappointed)
A portable eletronic chess and chequers game (great fun!)
A military army truck (model)
A pre-owned birthday badge (ooh shiny)
A golden fountain pen (I've got a new pen!!)

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