Saturday, 22 September 2012


Next time you go camping make sure you have EVERYTHING you need! Oftherwise you'll end up like how I was-freezing cold while in a thin sleeping bag lying on a hot water bottle which was by the way COLD and it got worse but I'd rather not repeat it as it may put of people from going camping. So don't get me wrong because it was a great experience and was lots of fun. Unfortuneatly I don't have any pictures which I can show on the blog to show everyone but I can still describe the experience, I mean hey havs'nt ayone read a good book before? You don't need a to be able to see whats going on but you can imagine when the Author describes the smells, the sounds, (obviously) the setting and etc etc etc...

Another unfortuneate disappointment to me speaking about my camping adventure is I'm not a very good book author even when it comes to decribing another story (as people who have read my Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 1 would be no surprise to) and I won't finish it today/tonight [its 9:21 PM!!] because face it, its late and dark and I'm tired but then again that us when I usually use to publish blog posts.

I also I wanted to say that when I went camping that is the reason that I never went on my blog to post anything which I promised I would try my best to do. Wow, there was six I's in that sentence! Anyway, there is more disappointment because I have decided that there will be a larger gape between each of my blog posts (probably five days) and I wanted to leave that until last so not many people would read it and be annoyed at me, but come on I have a very tight schedule so just give me a break already!


  1. OK you got cold, what else happened?

    1. Not only did I get cold, but I also got a cold. It stayed with me up to now and there seems to be no excisting cure.