Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Above is the icon used for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the latest addition to the series of games in the Tekken trilogy!

Here it is, my greatest hobbie TEKKEN! Don't let the strange name confuse you but trust me it is a great game and the latest one to the collection is TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2. From so far of what I have played of the prolouge I can say no one will be dissappointed the only concern I have for the game is how easy it is to make combos and juggleing (juggeling is where you launch an opponent up and keep them in the air by doing combos and possibly use a finisher right at the end) because happend to be playing someone who has never even heard of the game and they were able to maintain a juggle for 5 secounds which is very good for a noob.

For loads of you who love fighting games and are intrested in Tekken here is a link to a wiki where I get much of my infomation about Tekken from: Oh, and did I mention most recently there was a Street Fighter crossover with Tekken titled: Street Fighter X Tekken which uses Super Street Fighter 4's graphics while Tekken x Street Fighter will have Tekken's 3D graphics.


  1. What's Tekken doing here, this is sposed to be a Trekkie BLOG?

    1. Have'nt you read the description, it says: ''This blog will describe what everyday life is for me with possibly a few movie reviews.'' EVERYDAY LIFE, that includes my hobbies!