Sunday, 29 July 2012


Its been a long time coming but the wait is finally over because here it is!
Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 3 and since I already started telling the plotline of the film in the other posts, I guess I might aswell finish the review by doing the same this time. 
Shinzon begins to get tired of hiding now and targets the 'flanking warbird'and once the torpedoes detonate part of the wing is destroyed and crashes into the Enterprise disabeling the computers for a shot peroid of time. Just 2 ships now,  the Scimitar decides to approach the other Bird of Prey diferently than before by the cloak to trick them into thinking that the Scimitar was losing its cloak. The Bird of Prey fires all of its weapons but as it gets closer to the ship the cloak is restored and they are fired upon by the Scimitar which disables the ship, it was drifting in space. 

The enterprise realises the damage the bird of prey recieved from those few hits and hails them to make sure the crew is ok. As the check up begins to end they are ambushed once again by the Scimitar. Now the Enterprise's shields are very close to going offline this allows the Scimitar to beam over a boarding party with the objective to bring Shinzon Picard.

Ultimately the party fails with Riker disposing of the Viceroy who led the party and the security team (including Worf) take out the rest. Though Shinzon was tired of waiting and fires at the bridge of the Enterprise destroying the view screen and  one of the helm fly out side of the ship, luckily emergency forcefields prevent anyone else being pulled out into space.

To be completed soon in the same post, bit by bit.

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