Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 2

Continues from Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 1 where the Enterprise had just been ambushed by the Scimitar.

Shinzon hailed the Enterprise constantly taunting Picard but there was a sudden burst of adrenaline as the Enterprise's systems regained power and fired in all directions but when a phaser fount the cloaked Scimitar the Captain was to slow to react and the Scimitar faded into the shadows. Once again Shinzon taunted Picard but this time he used a holographic transmitter to speak to him but not only was the Scimitars weapons superior but also the way it projected images meaning that the Enterprise was unable to trace the holographic signal and beam Shinzon away. So Picard attempted to liberate Shinzon but was unable to cast his mind away from the darkness he seemed possesed by then just before Shinzon left he said something that may have just worried Picard ''My name will exist in history long after yours has vanished...''

Then as the Captain and Shinzon both returned to their ship's bridges two Romulan war birds (who happened to be the latest design of the Romulan Star Empire) de-cloaked Riker felt as if he wanted to die now with the bealief that they too wanted to capture Picard for Shinzon before destroying the ship. But they were being hailed by one of the warbirds, they told Picard that they were there to help, he offered them a drink once this is over, ''Romulan Ale''and the three ships combined to create a scary formation.

The Scimitar remained cloaked and sent the ships on a wild goose chase as they all flanked it, in fact the only time the Scimitar was damaged at all during the attack from the three ships was only minor systems & decks such as the Cargo Bay, warp drive (you can find out more about that on my previous post, Warp speed)

So thats it unfortuneatly for now, I thought I'd be able to fit the whole review in 2 posts but it seems theres going to have to be a Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 3!!!

Keep checking the blog, True Believers!-chessy and random reference to Stan Lee a.k.a. creator of Marvel. TO BE CONCLUDED!

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  1. Wow that sounds exciting think I will have to watch it again, I forgot all that stuff went on.