Monday, 23 July 2012

Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 1

My favourite Star Trek film despite rumors when it came out in 2002 that the film did not have any realation to the main characters I still went and saw it and was imediatly furious at all the critics as this film was EXCELLENT! Great special effects (especially battle scenes), fabulous acting and an amazing soundtrack. This film had it all, and heres my review of it:

Since it is an old film I doubt it would really matter if I wrote about some spoilers in this review. The film was based about Picard's secret clone Shinzon who achieved one of the most infamous coups d'état in interstellar history with the assassination of all of the sitting members of the  Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire in October of 2379. Bought up by Remans like him being captured by the Romulans voyed revenge on them and saw a good way to achive this was to install himself as the next Praetor. Shinzon was initially raised and trained for a mission to replace Picard, and was genetically altered to be triggered to age rapidly once he'd reached his early thirties, skipping three decades of his life so as to resemble his progenitor more closely.

So as he went on his journey for revenge he also took with him the scimitar, one of the most powerful ships ever to exist in the 24th century which stole the attention of Starfleet who alerted the Enterprise's crew (this shortly after the wedding of Counseller Troi and Commander Riker) but seaveral hours earlier (still after the wedding) they detected some energy which resembled that of which Data required to function. So they obviously went to investigate using the new space buggie and not long after they discovered the remains of an almost exact twin of Data named B-4. This caused more problems as after a brief encounter with Shinzon the Captain grew weirey of him and Shinzon soon realised this and took control of B-4 to gather info on Star fleet.

Data detected the un-authorised entry to starfleet records and swaped places with B-4 to sneak aboard thw Scimitar while Picard was transported against his will when Shinzon remembered that he needed his blood to live because he had absorbed a disease during the cloning process which only now began to have effect on him. Data and the Captain then returned to the enterprise by the using one of the shuttle craft from the Scimitar.

The enterprise (seaveral hours away) was entering a nebula when the Scimtar cloaked fired on the enterprise's engines-stopping the ship and the weapons system-paralysing the ship's weapons stopping it from defending itself.

To be continued when I fill in the mood to make a Star Trek Nemesis-MOVIE REVIEW PART 2...


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