Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Star Trek

I thought that before I start posting movie reviews I might talk a little about my hobbies such as my favourite one of all, playing the fighting video game TEKKEN but you would've heard more about that on my previous post on this blog, what I wanted to talk about was my favourite TV program Star Trek!

I have always been a Trekkie ever since I watched Star Trek The Next Generation for the first time, I can remember thinking to myself: this show is so unrealistic but I did'nt think that because of the ships in space and cybernetic life-forms who assimialte other beings (assimilate is a key word in describing THE BORG) no, it was the way that time passed normally as if they were on earth but in reality time would have passed much faster. You'll find out more about Star Trek in future posts and I apoligise if I have dissapointed people by both the lack of reviewsof the movies I promised to review (I will definently begin to review the films by august) so I'm extremely sorry.

By the way I appreciate all the support I have recieved from viewers and I have apoligised for something and now I thank you for something else.

Thank you.

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